An Open Letter to my Now Ex-Husband

I read Michael Cheshire’s lovely, honest & sweetly funny post “An Open Letter to my Now Ex-Wife”  today with tears in my eyes. His sentiments on the day his divorce was finalized echoed so many of my own feelings towards my ex that I was mulling what I would say in my own open letter. […]

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Dating after Divorce: The Good, the Bad and the Just Don’ts

Dating after divorce is one of the more daunting aspects of the After Wife (along with hanging up the Christmas lights by yourself and killing all of the spiders). Apart from the near crippling fear of having to get naked in front of new people there may be other issues that may be keeping you […]

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That Night by Canadian author Chevy Stevens – BluntMom Book Review

We are very excited to be working with Raincoast Books (the Canadian publisher of the Harry Potter series) on the BluntMom Book Club. A few of the other BluntMoms kicked off our virtual book club last month with “Love Letters to the Dead” and this month we’re pleased to bring you our reviews of That […]

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Tiger Parents: are you tired of tearing your kids to shreds? Try The Dolphin Way

Anais Nin wrote that love “begins where the myth fails. Then we love a human being, not our dream, but a human being with flaws.” If there is such a thing as modern mythology it can be found in our pursuit of perfect parenting. We live in constant fear of making a bad decision or saying […]

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A slice of life: Remembering the “good stuff” after your divorce

According to my doctor, there are months well-known in medical circles as “transitional” periods or times of unrest & discomfort for their patients. September, for instance is a time for change and new beginnings for many people. The months of January & February (especially here in the Pacific Northwest) are when doctors and counsellors see […]

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